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7 Telltale signs that your site is out of your control

Website Exploits

Last month we posted about 6 Common WordPress Exploits You Need To Know and this week we’re going to focus on knowing when your site isn’t in YOUR con...

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Lessons from an Entrepreneur: COVID Day 180

COVID lessons

The conversations about 2020 are old. I’ve added #2020sucks to many texts and emails. I’ve complained along with everyone else and it’s just old. A...

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6 Common WordPress Exploits You Need To Know

WordPress Exploits

In a recent article we looked at the devastating impact exploitations on websites can have on business. WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world...

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Lessons from an Entrepreneur: To Renew or Not to Renew …. the Lease, That is.

Office lease

It feels like everything is changing at a quick and steady pace this year. We have all had to adjust our lives and I feel like it’s created more cama...

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Lessons from an Entrepreneur: The “Opportunity” to be Relevant


I’ve enjoyed writing blogs over the past couple of months and the reality is, I should have been doing it long before now. I didn’t want to push my t...

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Lessons from an Entrepreneur: What Culinary School Taught Me About Business

Culinary School and Business

In my last blog, I talked about going to culinary school. I was able to take quite a few things from there and apply them to my business, and visa ve...

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When the storm comes – how to stay connected while working remotely during a storm.

Remote working storm

In the “New Normal” many employees work remotely. What happens, especially in a small business, when a major storm blows through wreaking havoc on the...

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Sales Process or Sales Methodology?

Sales Process Methodology

A remarkable number of people will ask me what my sales process is and how can they make it work for them. Although I am excited to share my process ...

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Lessons from an Entrepreneur: Running a Software Company from Culinary School

Culinary School While Running a Company

One day in early 2016 we were having a meeting in the office, going over projects we were currently working on. One of our clients is a university, a...

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Lessons from an Entrepreneur: Married to the Boss

married to the boss

It isn’t easy working with your spouse. Let’s start with that. I have been asked a million times, “how do you two work together?”. “I would kill my...

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