UAS Solutions

We build the software and data solutions that help companies embrace the power of unmanned aerial data.

UAS data can be gold. But knowing how to use it to benefit your organization can be a challenge. Web Teks is pioneering the UAS data integration space.

Drone technology has many broad applications. Surveying of geographical areas, surveillance, inspections, maintenance and management in the transportation, agriculture and construction industries, just to name a few. However integration and adaptation of the collected data can be complicated.

Maximizing UAS data requires working with a partner who understands UAS software development and data integration.

From custom UAS Software Applications, Data Management Platforms, ERP Data Integrations, LAANC Program Development to Web, Mobile, and SaaS Applications, Web Teks is a pioneer and leader in this field.


Custom UAS Software

Expertise and specialized UAS industry experience to develop any type of web, mobile, desktop, and SaaS solution to meet your business needs.


Display Systems Design

Whether you need a command center or an analytics dashboard, our team can assist you to build out the visualization solutions you are imagining.


Data Management Platforms

The amount of data generated by UAS can be a major problem or a huge asset! We can help you store, secure, process, and analyze to create meaning from chaos.


Systems Integration

Getting the data is no longer enough! Integrating the abilities to request, command, gather, and import into your systems is critical. We help you do this seamlessly!


LAANC Program Development

We have the experience to help you make sense of LAANC and build your application so that it exceeds the requirements and is accepted the first time!


Web & Mobile Applications

We are web and mobile natives with a passion for and knowledge of UAS. We derive value for our clients and build solutions very cost efficiently.

Featured Client

DroneUp logo

In response to a need in the industry to manage the certification, deployment and data collection processes for industry drone pilots and fleets, Web Teks developed the Mission Match app for DroneUp – a leading drone services provider known for its powerful UAS fleet management platform.