Digital Enterprise Transformation

We live at the intersection of business and technology.

Digital Enterprise Pulse

Real-Time reporting of issues from our clients and solutions teams

BPM Alignment

Clients of Connectwise, ServiceNow, and others are struggling to scale and adapt their systems, processes, and tools to meet evolving business requirements. Solutions range from custom integrations to focused dashboards.   Because needs are often a blend of operations, financial, and technical requirements, supplier consultants’ “off-the-shelf” solutions are increasingly not solving the current problems.

Critical Project Launch

An unusual number of "make or break" projects that must succeed.  Scope of projects exceeds internal bandwidth and budgets/timelines are leaving inadequate time for contract recruitment.  Lack of fully developed internal digital enterprise teams has forced these firms to seek outside assistance but with a desire to leverage internal processes and standards.

Digital Transformation

Organizations are fighting to combat competitive disruption rising by of the widespread adoption of digital technologies.  Key pain areas today are the development of business cases for technology adoption, creation of cross-departmental authority for digital initiatives and realignment of incentives to include relevant metrics.

Our Services

The success of any product hinges upon a solid execution strategy.

Consulting & Strategy

From product management to development methodologies, our team of experts has the ability to strategize, architect, design, develop, and deliver applications that align with the needs of your business, customers, and stakeholders.  Our mission is to ensure your web and enterprise applications are reliable, scalable solutions that complement and support your critical business and marketing objectives.  Our product development team helps you stay ahead and leverage changing technology trends to ensure your ongoing business advantage. Our client-focused approach helps you maximize results with solid planning, efficient delivery and reliable support.

Product Management

The success of any product hinges upon a solid execution strategy.  Our clients capitalize on our talented Product Managers to serve as key leaders, decision makers, and liaisons between business and technical teams. They work closely with our clients to understand overall business objectives and priorities in order to define the product vision and create the product roadmap, while executing these in alignment with budgetary goals and business objectives. The ultimate purpose of a Product Manager is to ensure that the entire product team from stakeholders to developers has a solid understanding of your product goals and to lead both strategic and tactical product decisions.

User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) matters!  Users expect distinctive, intuitive, and compelling experiences that keep pace with their needs and wants, regardless of the device they use. To accomplish this, UX needs tremendous forethought, insight, and dedicated execution to be successful. Web Teks’ UX team of experts in customer insight, user experience design, and user-centered development understands the importance and impact of UX.  We deliver a world-class user experience on the web, the desktop, and on mobile and tablet environments.  Our UX process enhances the entire user-centered design lifecycle.

Application Development

Custom application development is our business. We have a deep, diverse team of developers, designers, project managers, and testers who specialize in software solutions for every industry with nearly every major programming language.  From web application development, database design, systems integration, mobile app development, to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and software product development, we have the experience, expertise, and technology to deliver world-class solutions to meet your unique business.


For nearly every organization, it has become a mission-critical priority to connect disparate applications and leverage application collaboration across the enterprise in order to improve overall business efficiency, enhance scalability, and reduce IT costs.  Web Teks helps organizations enable streamlined and efficient business and operational processes across IT applications. Our expertise in data, application, and process integration helps facilitate business processes and workflow automation across multiple systems.  We provide a structured information processing methodology and delivery framework that helps your organization break down information barriers across and outside the enterprise.


From web analytics and digital marketing analysis, to user-adoption measurement and reporting, our team of analytics experts has the knowledge and experience to drive change in your organization through better understanding of data and complex metrics. We go beyond the standard reports and dashboards to provide actionable insights that have immediate and significant impacts.  Great analytics starts with a great data strategy. Much like building a skyscraper, it takes a solid foundation and planning to be successful. We build strategies from the ground up focused on exceeding our clients’ current needs and providing flexibility for the future.  Anyone can capture data.  We will help you understand what information you have, identify gaps, and analyze the data to take action and help your business grow.

What Makes Us Different

Unlike traditional web and software firms, our unique staff composition provides a level of consulting expertise that goes far beyond just development and design. Understanding your business and delivering the most scalable and sustainable applications. That’s Digital Enterprise Product Management. Combine that with our proprietary Product Development as a Service (PDaaS), and you have a software firm unlike any other in our industry.

Product Managers

Our Product Managers understand business.  Armed with MBA’s and vast corporate experience, they focus on the key business objectives of our clients.  They combine analytics, a wealth of data, and unparalleled talent to sense trends and shape solutions for our clients ahead of their competition.  Our PM’s can envision even subtle disruptive opportunities, and develop concrete plans for how to take advantage of them.

Product Developers

Our Product Developers possess a unique blend of business acumen and technology savvy.   Their core mission is to translate the strategic business strategies crafted by the Product Managers into defined executable solutions that are feasible, scalable,  effective and measured.  Perhaps most importantly, our PD’s simply do not understand “good enough”.


Simply the best.  In addition to an in-house team of the brightest stars in the programming field, we have long standing partnerships with some of the most successful software companies around the globe.  Every developer on our team possesses five critical traits:  Patience, Courage, Passion, Creativity and Logic.  Our development teams are passionate and fueled with constant training on the latest coding techniques and languages.


By aligning all participants in the software delivery lifecycle, we streamline planning, development, testing, and delivery. This ensures we continuously release better software faster and with less risk.  Our unique approach engages all participants around a single, shared goal: sustained innovation, fueled by continuous delivery and shaped by continuous feedback.

Digital Transformation

We are a digital transformation partner who helps companies and organizations rethink their business models, embrace compelling user experiences and drive DX adoption through impactful and measurable results.

Our Reputation

Our mission is to drive success for our clients through design, development and implementation of leading-edge enterprise technology solutions. Our team’s focus on delivering results for our clients has made us the go-to firm for many Fortune 500 companies and smaller niche firms around the country.

Anticipating and Over-Delivering

Focused on identifying, understanding and meeting your distinct and unique requirements. Our engagements are characterized by responsiveness and flexibility in reacting to client needs and requests.  Our staff is proud of our agility and how it defines us in our industry.

Delivering Solutions, not Technology

Understanding that technology is a tool, not a solution.  Working together, our product managers, technical analysts, engineers, and developers deliver solutions that merge innovation, business requirements, and speed to market unlike other firms in our industry.  

Understanding the bottom line

Understanding the pressures you face to deliver where it counts: the bottom line.  Our project management principles are simple:   We will meet our client's mission objectives.  We will deliver real business value through the application of technology.  We will minimize costs through proper due diligence and detailed project management.

Committed To Giving Back

Our success is not only defined by the quality of our services to our clients, but measured equally by how well we serve our community.   Our amazing team has provided support for more than 28 local, regional and national community organizations.  This company-wide support is not mandatory, it is in our DNA.  It is our culture.

Our Clients

As the 'go-to' firm for companies looking to explore their online options, Web Teks has been serving some of the world's top businesses for more than a decade.