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Managing Human Resources Online – Tips for Selecting Online HR Solutions

Online HR Solutions

I think we can all agree – Human Resources (HR) is an essential part of any organization. Managing HR efficiently and effectively is just as ess...

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Security Patching Automation

Computer Security

Selecting a hosting provider that supports security patching automation It can be difficult to maintain your Content Management System (CMS) with the ...

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Lessons from an Entrepreneur: All About Employees

Web Teks Team

In my last post, we talked about knowing when to bootstrap or invest in your business. One of the biggest investments in your business will be your em...

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The URL Switcheroo

Drupal URL Alias

How to Swap URLs in Drupal One of the great things that Drupal does for you is to automatically assign a “friendly” URL alias to a page, based on the ...

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Lessons from an Entrepreneur: When to Boostrap vs. When to Invest

Invest or bootstrap

In my last post, I touched on how we didn’t plan appropriately for a business, so when it started taking off we were stretching our resources thin. We...

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The “Normal Normal” – lessons managing teams remotely during a crisis


If you’re anything like me, you’ve become pretty weary of people saying “the new normal”. I catch myself saying it from time to time and let’s face it...

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Lessons from an Entrepreneur: Tips to Get Started

Leadership Begin

I’ve told myself for 20 years that one day I would write down some of the stories and lessons I have learned while running a business. Now seems to be...

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Flying a Drone? You Need to Know Your Airspace

Flying a Drone? You need to know your Airspace

You may be a new drone owner, or maybe you’re an experienced pilot, but one thing everyone should know before they fly their drone, is it safe t...

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Top 10 Industries That Have Successfully Adopted UAS Technology

Drone use in construction

Top 10 Industries That Have Successfully Adopted UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems aka “Drone”) Technology Drone technology is making it possible to do a...

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How ConnectWise Integrations Save Time & Money


Today’s business world is largely technology driven. That means that it is necessary, not optional, to stay informed and to make use of new tech...

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