How To Create a Tentative Item in Google Calendar

At Web Teks, we use the Google application suite: GMail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar. There are very few things that Office 365 can do that the Google ecosystem can't, and that list gets shorter every week.

I love how easily Outlook lets you create a tentative item on your calendar. You click the little "Tentative" box, and that's it! But Google Calendar doesn't have a nice little "Tentative" box. Do I have to clutter up the title with "Tentative"?

The solution is slightly more complicated than Outlook's friendly checkbox. Here's what to do.
1. Create the calendar item as normal.
2. Before you save it, invite yourself to it. That's right: Type your own email address in the "Add Guests" box, and select yourself. It's okay. You won't go blind.
Screenshot of a new calendar item
3. Save the calendar item.
Screenshot of the new calendar item
4. Now, go back to your calendar, find the new item, and open it up.
Screenshot showing Going? options
5. Click "Maybe" and save.
Screenshot of the calendar item, now tentative
6. Now, when you look at the item on your calendar, you will see the question mark icon, indicating that this meeting or appointment is tentative.

Do you have any other "How To" questions about Google Calendar or the other Google applications? Let us know in the comments - maybe we can help!