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What you need to know about Drupal 7’s End-of-Life

Drupal 7 end of life

Drupal announced on June 24, 2020, that they are extending the end-of-life for Drupal 7 until November 28, 2022. Originally, this had been scheduled f...

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Three things you can do right now to make your WordPress website more accessible

ADA Compliance

There’s a lot of blog posts and guides online about “ADA compliance” or “accessibility requirements” for websites, and you may wonder what the fuss is...

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The URL Switcheroo

Drupal URL Alias

How to Swap URLs in Drupal One of the great things that Drupal does for you is to automatically assign a “friendly” URL alias to a page, based on the ...

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How ConnectWise Integrations Save Time & Money


Today’s business world is largely technology driven. That means that it is necessary, not optional, to stay informed and to make use of new tech...

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Drupal 8: Commerce for Business


Drupal is a content management software that is powering a lot of websites and apps that are visited and used every day. Since it was introduced, Drup...

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The Dire Need for Advanced Search

In computing, search is a mechanism that has just three components: Find, Filter, and Sort. Even when you’re searching sounds with the Shazam or...

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How To Take a Screenshot

Note: This guide comes from a member of the Web Teks Product Analysis team. We hope it is helpful when you send in your next support ticket.When s...

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To Do: The Analog Version

I work at Web Teks, so it’s safe to assume that I love technology. I do; it’s fun to solve problems with technology, and I enjoy trying ou...

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APIs, Services, Hooks, Oh My!

You’ve heard these terms before. Perhaps your website makes use of an API, or your application consumes a Web Service. You may not be quite sure...

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How To Create a Tentative Item in Google Calendar

At Web Teks, we use the Google application suite: GMail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar. There are very few things that Office 365 can do ...

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