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You should skip Drupal 8

Drupal 7 Upgrade

We recently posted about the Drupal 7 End-of-Life, and now some of you might be wondering if you should upgrade to Drupal 8. If your website is still ...

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Short term tactics can make long term technical debt

Technical debt

My favorite class in business school was about business strategy. It met late on Thursdays, not wrapping up until 10 pm. As we finished our study of e...

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The Right Tool for the Job, the Right Job for the Goal

Members of our Product Analysis team at Web Teks mostly have one of two career objectives in mind: product management and software development. This p...

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Just launch already

I worry that companies like Apple have set an impossibly high bar that others are attempting to emulate. The idea that you must have a perfect product...

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When is 40 > 2,010,000,000?

I was working on a data analysis that included telephone numbers, and I noticed an intriguing filter on the data. A database analyst had specified thi...

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On the road….again!

Web Teks is taking it on the road heading to Philly to meet with our client/partners. We will be in town on Monday, April 13 and Tuesday, April 14th. ...

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Lesson Learned (and two little bags of peanuts)

I don’t complain much. About anything. So when something compels me to take the time to complain, I feel pretty strongly about it. I recently flew fro...

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Drupal 7.35 and 6.35 Released

Drupal’s latest releases, Drupal 7.35 and Drupal 6.35, are out! These are moderately critical maintenance releases which contain fixes for security vu...

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