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Your 2021 Website and Mobile Plan

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2021 website planning

As we all look forward to 2021, it is time to ask if your website and mobile applications are ready for the new year. What is your 2021 mobile plan? It is time for a review and to launch an updated mission.

Plan for 2021

For most of 2020, we have all been working, studying, and playing at home. At no other time has the web and mobile app industry has seen such a surge in consumer use. The increase in traffic has impacted eCommerce and health, education, and many other markets.

We foresee that the increase in traffic will continue into 2021. Is your website ready, or did you struggle to keep the pace in 2020? Is it time to create a custom mobile app?

An updated website is a competitive website. A smartphone app allows you to present your brand to the surging number of mobile-only users. Please keep reading for our tips and get ready for a busy 2021.

Be Ready for Heavy Traffic

A sluggish website means a loss in the conversation. Answer these five questions to evaluate your current website.

  1. Have you recently tested the capacity of your website? Is your website ready for your next campaign?
  2. Is your database capacity adequate, or do you need to consider storing data on the cloud?
  3. Can customers quickly find critical information, or is it burred on your site?
  4. Have you created engaging landing pages that quickly move customers to needed information?
  5. Is your website reactive and ready for mobile use?

You can gauge the capacity of your website with your answers to the five questions. Remember, you only have moments to engage your customers and provide essential information. Is your website ready for your first campaign of 2021?

The Importance of Mobile in 2021

After 7+ months of work and study from anywhere, “mobile use” has gone far beyond the laptop. Your customers are now using tablets and smartphones at a high rate. The business that provides mobile solutions will win future clients and followers.

In the past, a reactive or mobile-ready website served the need. Now, customers want custom-created mobile applications. They want to interact with you by a few swipes on their phone or tablet. It is time to add a mobile application to your 2021 marketing and business development plan.

Mobile Apps Are Projected to Have the Most Impact on Business Success. As user application touchpoints increase in frequency, change in modalities and expansion in device type, the future of app development is multi-experience”Gartner, Inc.

Are you ready to provide that “multi-experience” to your customers? An interactive mobile app may be the next piece to add to your marketing plan.

Prepare Your Marketing Message

As you prepare your website and mobile applications for 2021, it is essential to remember to tie-in your marketing message. How will you push both new and existing customers to your updated website, mobile app, or brick location?

Remember to tie in updated SEO, Google My Business, and a robust social channel campaign. Your updated website is ready for the traffic; so, it is time to push your message.

Web Teks is a leader in both web and mobile application design. How can we help you get ready for 2021?

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