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Website Security Best Practices

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As we all spend more time both Working from Home (WFH) and shopping from home, a vigilant website security protocol is top of mind.

“Cyber Security is a business risk, not just an IT problem”–Forbes

Recently, we told you about the importance of cybersecurity and your mobile apps. A reliable security plan should also wrap your website to prevent attacks. In this blog, we outline website security best practices.

5 Reasons for a Robust Website Security Plan

Long thought of as an IT department problem, we provide five reasons why you should consider web security as part of your business strategy. Here, we outline the reasons to protect your website from attack while preserving the future of your business.

  1. Protect your customers and their confidential and financial information.
  2. Secure your business assets such as databases, statistics, and product knowledge
  3. Protect your brand image. A security breach is an immediate negative impact on your brand.
  4. Prevent the loss of sales. A website shut by malware is not open for sales.
  5. A clean website is a competitive site.

Maintain a Clean Website

If a clean website is a competitive website, how do you maintain a clean site? Maintaining a clean website is an ongoing process, not an occasional chore. There are some key protocols to include in both your IT and your business plan. Prevent attacks by implementing the below seven steps.

  1. Implement a firm password policy and enable different access levels within your website.
  2. Encrypt all login pages
  3. Keep security subscriptions and software applications updated
  4. Only use a secure host
  5. Delete any files, databases, or applications that are no longer in use
  6. Always back up your data and website
  7. Schedule frequent website security reviews and audits

Increase Revenue with a Secure Website

Your website is a 24X7 salesperson. It is the centerpiece of your business. As customers are working and shopping at a distance, your website plays a crucial role, now more than ever.

Suppose you are a sales or marketing professional. In that case, you may be reading through our security tips and steps and wonder how they will impact the website’s marketing message. The good news is that the outlined security measures should seamlessly run behind the scenes. All should be transparent to your buyer. You can have and maintain both—a robust web security plan and engaging UX (User Experience).

A website with engaging UX has attractive calls to action, provides vital information about your business, and is mobile-friendly. The good news is that you can give all three to your customers while maintaining security protocols.

Today, the #1 UX “feature” is trust. Trust between the customer and the business. The best User Experience is when the buyer has confidence that their confidential information will be securely held.

As eCommerce is the engine running the current economy, it is paramount that sales, marketing, and IT teams work together to maintain the corporate website.

The New Solution for Website Security

When did you last run a security audit of your website?

After reading this post, you want to protect your customers and your company assets. Sales are essential, and so is maintaining your brand image. And you also want an engaging and attractive website.

If all sounds overwhelming, it may be time for a new solution. As cybersecurity is in the spotlight this year, so are web design and security firms that provide hybrid services. No longer do you need to handle website security while also designing your own site. Consider hiring a firm to design your site and implement security best practices. You need a firm that can maintain a schedule of security audits on your behalf.

The hybrid company does exist. The firm that can design an award-winning UX site can also wrap it in security best practices.

Oh, wait! That’s us! Contact us today so we can start discussing your security needs.

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