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Lessons from an Entrepreneur: The “Opportunity” to be Relevant

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I’ve enjoyed writing blogs over the past couple of months and the reality is, I should have been doing it long before now. I didn’t want to push my team to write if I wasn’t willing to do it myself. After writing one of his first blogs, one of my newer employees thanked me for giving him the opportunity to contribute to our blogs.

No, you can’t have him.

It made me realize it IS agreat opportunity to have a platform to tell your story, share your knowledge, or an opinion. It’s a great opportunity AND it’s pretty important for ALL of us to stay active online in this way.


Gone (at least for the foreseeable future) is the, “can I come by and introduce myself and my company?”. Or, “let’s get our teams together”. Few, if any in-person meetings, or lunches, or cocktails after work. All conferences have been canceled, at least through the end of the year.

We haven’t even been in our offices, working any kind of normal schedule, since March. So how do we stay connected in business? How do we remain relevant, both as an individual, and an organization? For now at least, online.

Technology was created to make us more efficient. Intentions were good. It made us so efficient we started taking on more and more. I could very easily go down a rabbit hole with THAT conversation, but my point is everything is now online. We must be active participants in conversations online.

I know, I’m the owner of a technology company, and I would say for many years I spent way too much time online. When my boys started middle school I realized I was about to miss a bunch of milestones if I didn’t pay attention. So I started leaving work in time to meet them after school and unless I had a project deadline, I didn’t get back online until the next morning.

Since they have graduated I’ve tried to keep my online time to a minimum while not at work. I’ve tried to maintain some of the habits I was able to form during those years. Even when I went to culinary school, most of it was in the classroom, or studying books and notes.


And then – 2020. We are forced to be online more than ever. If we want to be able to work remotely, we have to be able to do everything online. Zoom calls, document sharing, (feels like) billions of emails. Meetings with clients, interviewing potential employees, counseling current employees. We even do virtual cocktail hours online now.

No matter what your profession, having your information accessible to others who want to work with you, in whatever capacity, is not an option – it has to be online.

I’m not talking about the personal social media platforms, although it’s important to maintain a good image there too. I’m talking about business social media platforms, like LinkedIn.

Sharing your professional identity is more important than ever. Whether you are in technology or not, you have to be putting stuff out there so you are relevant to a potential employer or customer.

Get your profile and profile picture updated. Start writing blogs, or articles, or posts for your company AND yourself. Make sure you aren’t hidden behind the constant barrage of information out there.

BE relevant. Don’t look at it as a chore and realize it IS an opportunity to be able to write something and highlight your skills, knowledge, writing ability. It will likely earn you some brownie points with your boss, too (wink, wink, hint, hint).

Here is a link to some tips on writing a blog and in the meantime, start making a list of things you could write about. Start some rough drafts. Just start writing! And try to make it a good experience for yourself. It might be fun.

Until next time,


P.S. If writing blog posts isn’t your thing, let us help you get started. Reach out for a chat about it. We’re here to help.

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