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Today, I received an email with possibly the most awful accessibility experience ever. Can you find the “unsubscribe” link? If it helps, I left it highlighted in the screenshot below.

It’s pretty hard to see, isn’t it? Here it is again, at 210% the original size. It still isn’t very clear.

When the contrast ratio is exactly 1, the text and the background are the same shade. The maximum possible ratio (white text on black, or vice versa) is 21. The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) recommend a contrast ratio of 4.5 or higher. This line of text? 1.41.

I understand that the sender of this email doesn’t want me to unsubscribe. Instead, they have placed themselves in unethical territory in two ways: by effectively trying to hide the unsubscribe option, and by making their content difficult to read and understand.

Don’t be a company that frustrates their customers and prospects by giving a difficult experience. Be kind to those coming to your website and reading your emails: a design for everybody, including those who have low or no vision.

Don’t be “that company”! Contact us today if you need help or guidance on how to design and develop for your customers. Because it is always about them.



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