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When the storm comes – how to stay connected while working remotely during a storm.

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Remote working storm

In the “New Normal” many employees work remotely. What happens, especially in a small business, when a major storm blows through wreaking havoc on the area. Employees are left trying to find locations they can function in to still be “available” for their work.

Web Teks is fortunate enough to have a lot of remote workers that are not affected by the same natural disasters that impact us in one location and vice versa. We have a global staff, enabling us to continue providing valuable services for our clients during any kind of weather (or other) event.

Employees are key to keeping work moving seamlessly. You have some workers that will travel, within reason, to any location they can just to get wifi, while others work from cell phone hotspots. Having employees willing to not give up and strive for greatness can make all the difference in the world.

Many people may not know where to find wifi. Most providers will offer a Wi-Fi hotspot locator online or in their app, but if not, these free apps for iOS and Android can help you find free Wi-Fi.

  • WiFi Finder WiFi Finder shows you a map of public free Wi-Fi spots but also Wi-Fi that requires a password.
  • WiFi Master WiFi Master helps you find hotspots anywhere you travel and connect to Wi-Fi networks with just one tap on the blue key in the app.
  • Osmino WiFi Osmino WiFi allows you to locate Wi-Fi hotspots around the world with Wi-Fi hotspot maps and other user reviews.

There are also some stores, gas stations, parks, and auto stores that offer free wifi like:

  • Select Kohl’s stores
  • Love’s travel stops, Pilot Flying J’s
  • AAA, Jiffy Lube, Valvoline
  • Public parks,

Happy Working!

Please contact us today if we can help you or your team make the transition to remote working. We have a number of tools to help our global team collaborate and stay connected and would be happy to help you or your team’s transition.

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