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Sales Process or Sales Methodology?

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Sales Process Methodology

A remarkable number of people will ask me what my sales process is and how can they make it work for them. Although I am excited to share my process with them, I often discover during the conversation that it is not the process they are interested in learning about, but the sales methodology.

Although both are essential to the sales experience they are different and need to be addressed separately. It is essential to have a sales methodology that will support the sales process, however, the sales process should be flexible and scalable to allow for a salesperson’s judgment and experience.

So what is the difference between a sales process and a sales methodology?

Sales Process

A sales process is a number of repeatable steps that allow your salespeople to progress a new prospect and to a closed client. Every company must create its own process based on its market and products.

A typical sales process will include some if not all of the following steps.

  1. Target and Qualify
  2. Explore
  3. Develop Solution
  4. Negotiate and close
  5. Implement
  6. Follow through

Sales Methodology

A sales methodology is a framework of how your sales team implements the sales process or a part of the process based on the sales role, Business Development will utilize only a portion of the sales process.

There are multiple different sales methodologies and can be universal and implemented by all different types of markets.

The art of sales is understanding the different methodologies and when to apply them. The most popular methods are:

  • SPIN selling – made popular by Nick Rackham SPIN Selling this highlights the questions that salespeople should ask their clients.
    • Situation
    • Problem
    • Implication
    • Need-Payoff
  • Conceptual Selling – This is based on the philosophy that customers do not buy a product or service but the concept and vision of your solution. I recommend that you read Conceptual Selling by Rober Miller.
  • Solution Selling – most basic of all methodologies and commonly used.
    • Recognize the client needs
    • Identify the cause – what is responsible for the problem
    • Calculate the magnitude of the problem – how many people will benefit from solving the problem.
    • Get the buy-in – present the solution to the client and list the benefits and ROI.

These are a few of the different universal methodologies that can be applied to a personalized sales process.

So what’s the difference? Which one should I use?

Is there a difference between a sales process and a sales methodology?

The answer is yes and you need both.

A sales process is essential for your growth but using a combination of different sales methodologies that integrate with your sales process is the key to a successful sales team.

What sales methodology do you prefer? What process do you use?

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