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Raising Your App Is Just Like Raising a Child

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For many development teams, the release of the application is comparable to having a baby for a couple, but it doesn’t finish with the birth and a banquet in their honor.

Your application needs support just like a child needs parenting.

App Boasting

These days parents make announcements on social media and share images of their new arrival. The same could be said of your new app. You want to promote and boast about your app, providing a good description of the new arrivals skills and capabilities and your hopes for their future. Providing a simple way to engage by providing details of how each participant can complete an enjoyable engagement (aka the “User Experience”) is very important.

App Chatter

Ensure that you associate your new app with good influencers so that people talk it up and provide positive feedback early. Having great reviews you can share across multiple media platforms is very important. Negative feedback/reviews are doubly important for you to pay close attention to, as these will help you understand where you need to refine and improve your new app. Make sure to take the time to thank those who share their feedback, and create a community where fans of the talents of your ‘brainchild’ can gather.

Future Planning

Never be afraid to share with the public your plans for the future, how you see your application growing, and what `talents` you would like it to develop.

Make rich explanations for the release of updates – let everyone know what the new updates can do for them as users. Brag away!

Make sure to stay engaged with your community and those thinking of joining you with frequent small posts in all media outlets as often as possible to remind them of its current capabilities.


Do not forget the most important thing – giving thanks.

Thank everyone who took part in the development and invested a piece of their soul in the project. Also, thank those earlier adopters who worked through some of the early release kinks (that always happen). And continue to thank the users of your app. They’re the ones whose relationship you need to continue to nurture, just as you nurture your new app.

Love your application and continue nurture and support it! Your users will be thankful!

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