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Drupal 8: Commerce for Business

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Drupal is a content management software that is powering a lot of websites and apps that are visited and used every day. Since it was introduced, Drupal 8 was a hit for its great standard features. It is loved for the way it makes it easy to create content, its reliable performance, and excellent security.

Drupal 8 also stands out for its unlimited flexibility. One of its core principles in modularity. If you are a business, whether large or small, whether local, regional or global, you would do well to understand how Drupal 8 for business themes work and start using it to give users web experiences they will remember and want to repeat.

Drupal 8 introduced

The biggest update Drupal has ever made is Drupal 8. It simplified content creation even further with built-in themes all designed to be responsive. You have the option of 100 languages and interactive tools that make it ideal for the most complicated ecosystems. There were over 4,500 people and organizations involved in the making of Drupal which resulted in more than 200 new and improved features.

Is Drupal 8 good for your business?

If you own or run a business, your question would be whether this CMS would be good for your business. The answer is yes. One of the major advantages of Drupal as a CMS is that it is open-source which means that it is free. This is good news both for start-ups and established businesses who are considering changing their CMS. If you are established, you have the option of trying Drupal 8 before choosing to continue using it.

To access the business themes, all you have to do is to go to the Drupal website, install some of the free modules depending on your needs and you will be good to go.

It will grow with you

Another reason Drupal business themes are ideal is that it will meet the needs of your business as it changes and grows. You are covered with more than 37, 580 free modules to choose from. Drupal is very flexible and gives you the option to add new features on your website as you choose to do so.

It takes just a few clicks to add modules such as blogs, forums, slideshows galleries and more. You can also integrate with APIs which extend the functionality of your website. There’s also the wide templating engine that you can use to satisfy your UX Design goals to create a brand image that stands out. There is also the mobile-first approach that makes it very easy to create a website that is mobile friendly. This makes Drupal very scalable and able to accommodate the heaviest flow of user traffic.

Enhanced visibility

As every website owner or web developer knows, search engine optimization (SEO) is critically important when it comes to online marketing. Drupal websites are getting a good and steady flow of traffic. This is thanks to Drupal’s SEO-optimized URLs that make it easy it for search engines to find them and index them. The taxonomy feature and the content editing modules such as Views and CCK make for a ready optimized website.

There is seamless integration with Google analytics makes it easy to stay on top of clicks and analytics that can give you valuable insight into optimizing a Drupal website even more. Then there are modules such as SEO checklist that is useful for organizing and managing SEO even better.

Well-secured website

Every business must remain vigilant about the security of their websites and apps with all the sophisticated cybercrime that goes on in today’s technology-driven world. Drupal is known and loved for different reasons and one of the most important is security. Tight security is one reason Drupal 8 is being used by government websites that hold and exchange a lot of sensitive data.

Everyone is well taken care of

As a business owner or manager, you want to cast your net as wide as possible and you can certainly do that with Drupal 8. With Semantic HTML5, you can create interactions that are more usable and practical including those with dynamic content. Apart from this, Drupal has adopted more WAI-ARIA practices that make it possible to create content structures that are easier to understand including for those with disabilities.

Get ahead and stay ahead with Drupal 8 for business

Drupal 8 is highly regarded as a business CMS. It is working very well for a number of them large portals including The Economist,,, BBC Good Food, GE and eBay. Use it to stay ahead and get ahead of your competitors. With a skilled Drupal developer, you can start and grow your business with no limits. Do more and go further with Drupal 8 wherever the nature of your business.

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