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Are YOU Ready for Digital Transformation?

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How Do I Know When My Organization Is Ready For DX?

Digital transformation has the potential to transform your business; reducing cycle times, improving customer service, and adding value to your products. However, as with any investment, there’s a cost: putting aside the financial investment (which is often considerably less than you think), changing your culture and processes will take time and energy, and attempting transformation at the wrong time could damage your business.

So when should you make the leap? How do you know if your organization is culturally and financially ready to begin digital transformation?

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Start By Asking The Right Question

Your readiness for digital transformation isn’t a black and white issue; there is no instant switch from unready to ready. If you wait until your “yes” is obvious you’ve probably waited too long – you could have begun the journey months or even years ago.

When the situation isn’t clear we suggest another question:

Are your employees asking for digital transformation?

Although your employees will NEVER directly ask for “digital transformation”, you will see one or more of the following signs that you have a problem:

  • Employees complain that your competitors have better technology than you. Your staff might not be aware of digital innovation as a concept, but they will be very aware of how easy or hard their job is compared to similar roles at other businesses. If a competitor has access to a tool that would save them time or effort, you’ll probably hear about it – because they’ll want it too.
  • Your IT department is the “Department of NO” – (Number 1 comment we hear) Do you hear regular complaints that your IT department always says no? We’ve seen this again and again in businesses that are ready for digital transformation. They’ve reached the limit of their current technology, and the IT department is forced to focus all its effort on maintaining the status quo, leaving no time for introducing new tools that will improve the effectiveness of your employees.
  • Departments initiating skunkworks projects outside of IT. When you see your employees initiating digital projects outside of IT you’re being given a clear sign that the small, gradual improvements your IT team is making aren’t enough; your current digital capabilities are holding back.

Recognize The Symptoms? If So, You’ve Been Diagnosed With A Digital Bottleneck

These three problems are symptoms of a much larger issue: your digital capabilities are a bottleneck for your business and your employees. The longer this bottleneck remains, the bigger the opportunity cost of not acting, and the further ahead your competitors get.

A long-standing digital bottleneck can also drive away your best employees. Your star performers want to perform to the best of their abilities, and if poor tools hold them back for too long, they will consider leaving for a business that supports them better.

To remove the digital bottleneck and support your staff you’ll need much more than a few simple improvements – you’ll need an evolutionary leap. This leap can only come through digital transformation.

Are you applying band-aids when you should be investing in a cure?

How Can I Get Treatment

In our next blog post, we’ll be looking at the urgent first aid your business needs to cure your digital bottleneck.

Can’t wait that long? For immediate treatment, contact our team on (877) 932 8357 or email us.

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