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How to Be Our Favorite Client

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Whether it’s the teacher’s favorite, the boss’s favorite, or Mom’s favorite, it’s nice to be in someone’s good graces. Want to be the favorite client of your web and application provider? Here’s what you need to do, in three steps.


At Web Teks, we love solving problems. We find great satisfaction in building you a website that loads lightning-fast, in customizing your application so that it works for you instead of getting in your way. And we can best do this when you are engaged and involved. Step 1 has three parts. 
1. Show up. Make sure you are present for calls and meetings. If you like using online chat, we will invite you to a channel in our Slack, so that you can reach out to us any time. Only when you show up can your voice be heard. 
2. Ask questions. The worst thing you can do is fear that you will sound stupid, and keep your questions to yourself. Besides, we love what we do, and we love to talk about it! 
3. Speak up. The best way for us to succeed on your project is to have shared expectations. And the best way to have shared expectations is to talk about them. So if you have a concern, please say something.


Often, Web Teks works with either the IT Department or the Marketing Department of our clients. This department represents you to us, and we know they have a pretty good understanding of your business. We also know that there are other business owners and subject matter experts in your company. For example, we will need to identify precise flow and business logic of a webform, and to do that, we will need to talk with the people who define and live by those rules. We don’t want to cut you out of the project, and we don’t want to interfere in how your company does business. We want to build you the right solution for the right problem, the first time. To do that, we need you to make sure you include those key people in discussions.


We aren’t perfect. We aren’t always right. But we are passionate about technology, and we love using technology to solve problems. You pay us to be technology experts, and we want you to get the best value. We will often suggest alternate approaches to the problems you bring us, in order to provide you the best value for your budget. We don’t expect you to agree with everything we suggest, but it makes us feel good when you take us up on a recommendation we made.

If I were forced to give a single piece of advice, it would be this: get engaged, and stay engaged. The work is more fun for everyone when you are plugged in to the process. You’ll get to see everything before the rest of your company does, and that’s exciting. We love coming together as a group to solve problems, and we would love to bring you into that group. So come join us!

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.