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Product Development as a Service (PDaaS)

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We here at Web Teks are excited to say that we have revolutionized outsourced enterprise product development with the launch of Product Development as a Service (PDaaS). There has been a clear misalignment between current product development solutions and the real-time needs of project managers and stakeholders who bear the responsibility of ensuring products evolve to meet the needs of the user. PDaaS is an easily-scalable development service that employs key talent resources and the best practices in software development delivery to take your product from idea to deployment and user adoption.

With a national product failure rate of over 45%, employing the right development team is crucial to a product’s success. However, building an effective product development team is no simple task. Product development requires a wide array of team members with varied skill sets dependent on the product being built. For successful and timely product development, a team should be comprised of a Product Manager, Project Manager, System and Business Analysts, System Engineers, Application Developers, Security Analysts, Content Analysts, Quality Assurance Analysts etc.

With this in mind, when planning the development of a new product, CIOs and IT Directors are faced with the important choice of how to budget for, identify, and deploy the appropriately skilled development resources. Previously, these stakeholders were limited to three options: 1) internal IT resources – which create competency and prioritization conflicts with other ongoing company projects, 2) outsourcing to vendors – which require tightly scoped contracts that limit development agility and hinder growth, or 3) new staffing – which is prohibitively expensive in both time and capital.

PDaaS overcomes these challenges and revolutionizes outsourced product development. By leveraging decades of enterprise product development experience, Web Teks has created a service delivery offering that is agile, scales with your product’s growth, and is cost-effective. We do this by employing our roster of seasoned professional enterprise-level product developers to rapidly build, deploy, and iterate your projects. With PDaaS, we apply the appropriate development resource to your project, at the right time in the product development life-cycle.

PDaaS engagements offer a very predictable and manageable pricing structure of single Development Units. Each Unit lasts one calendar month and includes two (2) product releases each month. If an organization needs higher velocity, additional units can be purchased in a month to increase the number of releases delivered in that time period. With measurement-driven product development, PDaaS gives stakeholders oversight, predictability, and rapid results they want. From front-end design strategy through commercialization, we deliver exceptional product design and technical solutions for our clients.

The Web Teks’ PDaaS team will be your partners throughout the release phase, keeping your vision at the forefront of our thinking. With regularly scheduled bi-monthly product releases and easily scalable pricing structure and development planning, you are given constant oversight of product development. It’s our team, working for you and your customers. PDaaS is the best way to execute on your ideas.

We take processes apart, rethink, rebuild, and deliver them back working smarter than ever before.