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Drowning in Alphabet Soup… iirc, imho, afk, jfk, OMG!

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I used to think it was just me until one of my co-workers started instant messaging me during meetings for random letter combo definitions that someone casually worked into the conversation. After I LOL-ed and SMH I proceeded to my new life saver, the acronym dictionary. Things still get a little tricky at times when there is more than one definition that fits. Not to mention company names and projects that we make into random letter combinations… Yikes.

Yes, every profession uses their unique lingo, but working at a tech company is on an entirely different level. It is jargon and initialism on steroids! You have css, cms, mvp. Then you have your standard idk, lol, rotfl. Then there is also the “BRB”. Are you “busy rescuing batman”, will you “be right back”, or do you need a “bathroom break”? In this office, they could all apply.

AFAIK you could actually be BRB or you will BRB because you are on a BRB. I know you are ROTFL but IMHO this stuff CBAB.

(LOL… I just made up CBAB, but it really “can be a beast”!)

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